Tourism and Artificial Knees

New Ashlar post over at the log comm (, open to all and sundry, and if there are any tweaks that need to be made (in how the metacrisis!Doctor would have handled visiting casualty with a grouchy, shot metacrisis!Master, in the degree to which the hospital could repair Ashlar's injury, etc.), just hit me up on AIM (kikainogimon) or PM me or comment here and there shall be discussion! I am story-flexible.
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More useful game info:

I'm going to be updating the wiki shortly, with fun things like medical facilities and so forth.

Your characters do have some of this information already -- by the phone in each bedroom, there's a contact sheet, with locations and phone numbers for medical facilities for each side, as well as information on the Jade Room, a bar/nightclub which is also Oracle-enforced neutral ground.

Hope no one minds the retconning there, but it was one of those little details that escaped modly notice until there was a need for that information to be handy.
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First off, let me say it's good to see some new people in the game... I hope you enjoy it here, and if there's anything I can do to make the game better for you, by all means, let me know.

That said, we've got a lot of characters with cards whose images differ from the standard illustrations in the Rider-Waite deck, which I think is awesome. If you're interested in a card better suited to your character, specifically, there's a nice list of decks that you can browse through here.

For an even larger selection, there's Aeclectic Tarot, which has sample images from just about every published deck out there, though they may not have an image of the card you want. (A few more popular decks have websites of their own with card images, though, and Google Image Search is great for finding specific cards, as well.)

You don't have to have a card from a specific deck, though. I like to have them for my characters, but then, I'm an anal-retentive tarot geek. Your mileage may vary.

I plan on eventually having full card descriptions up on the wiki, but in the meantime, for those trying to decide on cards (either prospective players who are checking out the game, or existing players who are considering more characters), I'd recommend the card descriptions at Learning the Tarot as a good source of basic information. (The AA wiki descriptions will be a bit better suited to the concept of a roleplaying game, and will offer alternate interpretations galore, but writing up seventy-eight detailed descriptions takes time, sadly.)

Again, choosing your own card is not required, but I like giving people options. ;)

We've also got an AIM chat: the room name is arsarcanum. If I'm online, I'll probably be hanging out in there as jreader2wire. (My usual screenname, foppishtrollop, is one I keep going in Gmail, just for the logging features. Unfortunately, Gmail doesn't play nicely with AIM chat.) It's not likely to be terribly crowded, considering we're still a small game, but it's there.

- Jaqui
But we'll stand tall

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sup guys :] I'm Ashley, another newbie, and I'll be bringing in Vash the Stampede from the Trigun Maximum manga!

I'm not too sure how many of you are familiar with the manga, but basically: Vash gets dual-toned hair, heavier shit happens, Knives actually does things, etc. Vash is coming in before the events of volume 9, so that's right before he runs off to help Wolfwood with an epic fight. I'll get his biography up on his journal here in a minute, and I'll see about getting it up on the wiki eventually.

Vash will be joining the Reverse compound as a Cups-something. He'll also still be trying to pretend he's normal, no matter how many of you people used to be aliens.

I'm on AIM as the donut outlaw generally all the time, except for mornings. I'm looking forward to playing with everyone!


Hey, total newbie here. I followed a comment by allfireburns to this comm a while ago, while I was comm-shopping and thought, wow, permanent death! And a plot! I want in. I'm mind_the_tardis, aka Jasper, and I come bringing an AU!Doctor Who metacrisis. He's Lucy/Master, and not precisely well-adjusted—his precise origins are in his history (right here), but he comes from about a year after the end of Series 3.

He will have no idea how to introduce himself to the other resident metacrisis. Hi, I'm as dysfunctional as you are, is probably not the right tone to take.

Oh, and he's the Queen of Cups, shadowed.

AND. I'm on AIM at kikainogimon.

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New mods! w00t!

Hiya, all! I'm your other friendly neighbourhood mod, Beka (starletfallen)! I'll also be playing your resident Handy-Spare-Hand-Human Doctor (ahumanlife), who is your resident six of swords reversed!

I was very in love with the concept of this game from the start, and was very sad when it died, and then was very excited when Jaqui started working on the reboot! I think we've got good plans for this reboot, and I have high hopes for this game. :D

I can't wait to start playing with you all. See you on the first!
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It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... a GAME REBOOT!

Hi! I'm Jaqui (trollopfop), mod for the shiny new rebooted version of Ars Arcanum. Goo handed the modship over to me following the unfortunate death of the the original game, and I've been plotting and scheming ever since. Eh heh. Assisting me is Beka (starletfallen), who will probably introduce herself a bit later.

I've been hard at work behind the scenes, revamping some of the rules, backstory, and background metaphysics -- being something of a tarot geek, I have an obsessive need to poke at these things until they make sense. The biggest change is how the Major Arcana cards are handled (if you're curious, feel free to check our spiffy new website for details... we have a wiki, which I'm busily updating as much as humanly possible to get everything ready for the relaunch), but there are a few other changes as well, thus, a complete reboot.

If you're here from the previous incarnation of AA, you're welcome to check out the rules and reapply -- there are just a few minor differences from the previous application, so you can easily copy and paste most of your initial app, should you be so inclined.

The game itself is starting (again) on July 1: previous players will have their characters and original Minor Arcana cards held for two weeks after the beginning of the game, so people who aren't sure about all this have a chance to lurk a bit, decide if they're still interested, and reapply.

Beka and I are happy to listen to any feedback you might have, and we're looking forward to seeing you guys in the game. ^_^
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Like men and women Shadows walk...

Hey, everyone!

Just a note on Suzie's power, since she's Major Arcana now: Suzie's ability is that, when she's in contact with her card, she can see and interact with people's Jungian shadows.

Basically, for those of you who don't feel like clicking the link, the shadow archetype is made up of things that the conscious mind represses. It can look like a darker version of the character themselves, whispering to them, or like a monster, a person they particularly despise, or whatever. It's not always dark or evil... A very serious character might have a silly shadow, if they repress their more lighthearted tendencies (in the other game I play Suzie in, where she also has this as her game-granted ability, there's a shadow that takes the form of a LOLcat, for instance), and things like tenderness and love can be as easily repressed as hatred and self-loathing.

And some people just don't repress much at all, so they may not even have shadows that Suzie can interact with.

I try to keep shadow-stuff on a strictly voluntary basis, since while some people seem ecstatic to poke around in their kids' subconsciouses, others really couldn't care less. So no, I'm not going to hunt anyone down and insist they make a shadow for Suzie to interact with, but it's there if you're interested.

For people who want examples of other shadows as a starting point, I can point you at her thread with this game's Jack over here... And here you can see some examples of shadows from BTR, the other game she's in.

It's become a habit to render what the shadows say in gray italics... Again, this is only if you feel like it, but if you'd like to do the pretty gray shadow-text, the code follows:

<em style="color: #666;">Whatever the shadow's saying goes here and will look like this! How exciting!</em>

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Hello everybody! I'm new here, obviously, uh...I really liked the concept of the game. Anyways, I'm bringing Sigmund from Infinite Undiscovery here to play, which is a great game that nobody knows.

Sigmund's got a grumpy face and he might seem kind of grumpy, but I promise he's not. He's just the strong, silent type. So please bug him, whenever you'd like!

It's nice to meet all of you, and I hope we can have fun playing together.


O Hai!

Hi, everybody!

I'm Leigh, and I'll be playing your friendly neighborhood former killer, Faith Lehane from Buffy.

I say former because this is post season 7 Buffy Faith, and she's getting better. :)

For those not familiar with the series, Faith is a vampire slayer who went bad, went into a coma, woke up, tried to be bad still, failed miserably and then started to work at redemption. That's pretty much where she is now.

*waves* Anyways, just wanted to say Howdy!