August 28th, 2009


Intro -- like a month late

Well then. Hi, I'm Krissy/harbek. I play Bernard. I was pointed here by the wonderful starletfallen.

So far, he's annoyed the Artisan, he's moved into his room, met Harry Dresden in the library, and doodled on the whiteboard. Then sat around in libraries forever, and now he's rambling at the Doctor. Mostly he's going to want to sit it out, or work as a researcher. He rather loves magic though, so he's going to be practicing with his card quite a bit, so he won't be completely defenseless.

He's Knight of Swords, Shadowed, on the Upright side, and anything else you want to know you can find on his journal, or just ask!

If you want to reach me, I'm krharbek on AIM, on MSN, and krharbek[at]bluezone[dot]no in emailing. I live in Norway, but my sleep schedule is shot all to hell, so I'm around at any random hours of the day. I'm also very friendly and like meeting new people, so feel free to IM me! I try to hang around in the mythical arsarcanum AIM chat, but it's been quiet.

Aaand... I believe that is it. I currently have no job or school or engagements, so I'm around quite a bit, and I try to be a quick tagger. :)